Interested in Selling Your Business to a Veteran?

Veterans make strong buyers of existing businesses, and Owners in Honor support its member buyers through training, coaching, and consulting.
OIH’s acquisition program is designed to:
  • Honor the legacy of sellers and founders
  • Provide an exit strategy for sellers that allows them to stay a part of the process
  • Support Veterans buyers throughout the transition and growth process

How Are We Different

Rather than stripping businesses of their uniqueness and repackaging them into a one-size-fits-all model, we propose an alternative approach that values respect, integrity, and local benefits.
  • Community-Focused Business Models: Focus on local, unique strengths and retaining individuality
  • Enhancing Consumer Choice: Preserve diverse business offerings to maintain local community focus
  • Keeping Profits Local: Reinvest profits back into the community
  • Honoring Veteran Business Owners: Support the exceptional dedication, integrity, and community-first attitude Veterans bring as business owners

Next Steps​

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