Interested in Buying a Business?

We’re Here to Help.
At Owners in Honor, we specialize in helping our Veteran members buy existing businesses. We do this by:
  • Training Veterans on the art and science of buying a business
  • Assisting in the acquisition process
  • Providing financial guidance
  • Walking alongside Veteran Buyers during the transition period

Our Programs:

Phase 0 – Entrepreneur Readiness Training
Learn about the entrepreneurship journey and how to get started buying a business.
  • Available to any Veteran interested in Entrepreneurship.
  • Fill in the Intake Form to get started.
Phases 1-4: Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition
We guide you through the purchase of an actual business, through in-depth training, coaching, and consulting.
  • Application and completion of Phase 0 required.
  • Full requirements available by request.
  • For a full breakdown of the ETA program, go here!

Why Entrepreneurship?

Veterans make great entrepreneurs when they are focused, trained, and supported.
Our mission is to create a pathway for Veterans and their families to purchase existing small businesses and successfully operate them until a planned exit by providing education and mitigating risk. Key Fact: Baby Boomers own over 40% of small businesses, and 99% want to sell in the next 10 years. For the right Veteran, entrepreneurship through acquisition presents the chance to own their future through owning a business.

Buy A Business