The OIH Approach

Our Commitment is to Facilitate the Ascension of Veterans and Succession of Small Business Owners:

Search/ Match:

We curate relationships to match small business owners to Veterans and their families who are preparing to for their second act.


We provide low interest rate gap financing to facilitate Veteran acquisition; to be used in conjunction with owner financing and an SBA loan.

Technical Advising:

Up to the point of eventual sale, we partner with the Veteran or Veteran Spouse and deliver a comprehensive suite of instruction, advisory services, mentorship, and post-exit planning.

The Inspiration

We believe the unrealized connection between veterans and small business owners is leaving generational impact on the table for veterans, owners, and their communities.

Two Communities,
One Struggle.

When it comes to one of the most challenging transitions they will face, the vast majority of retiring military personnel and exiting small business owners don’t have a plan - the longer they wait, the less vision, voice and value they have in the process.

These once in-a-lifetime transitions should be filled with excitement and the promise of building on the past as they take on something new - but more often than not, both communities are left to feel like they are stuck and starting over.

The Opportunity

Create a pathway for Veterans and their families to purchase existing small businesses and successfully operate them until a planned exit.

Small Business Owners

Baby Boomers make up 41% of Small Business owners, with 60% ready to sell - 80% of those ready to sell without the appropriate teams, structure, and or resources in place to effectively transition.

99% are looking to sell in 10 years and 70% in 5 years or less.

80-90% of small business owners see the sale of their business as their retirement plan, with nearly all of their wealth tied up in the operation of the business.

99.9% of American businesses, 33,185,550, are considered small businesses.

Small businesses employ 61.7 million Americans, totaling 46.4% or workforce.

PE firms are targeting the Home Services Industry to roll-up 20-25 small businesses; increasing their competitive advantage by reducing customer choice; increasing prices.

Service Members

Nearly 200,000 service members retire each year, including 4,000 Special Operators.

65% of Veterans leave their first post-retirement job in the first 2 years. Most Veterans surveyed indicated a lack of “purpose” in their new job in comparison to the “purpose” they felt while serving.

Veterans surveyed found it difficult to find a job that fit the skill sets and experience they gained in the military; specifically leadership and small unit organization and planning.

Veteran run businesses fail at a 13% rate higher than civilian entrepreneurs.

Veterans, specifically those in the Special Operations Community, have skills that match those of successful small business owners; perseverance, profound investment in their small team, and a desire to fulfill a critical need all while being part of a community.

The Impact

We enable veterans to uphold the legacies of American small businesses by connecting them to motivated small business owners, supplying eligible veterans low-interest gap financing, and assembling a team of veterans, small business entrepreneurs, and financial services experts dedicated to ensuring the success of veterans in business ownership.