Owners In Honor

Founded and led by Veterans, Owners In Honor is a nonprofit foundation based in Houston, TX.

Our Founders and team of growing board members, advisors, veterans, corporate partners and government entities bring a dynamic range of expertise and support to the table.

Our network spans leadership, entrepreneurship, and communication arenas unifying decades of experience, perspective, and accomplishments across both civilian and military communities.

“As a Green Beret and son of a Small Business Owner; I’ve witnessed firsthand the profound community impact of a purpose driven leader.”
Patrick - Founder

Program Overview

Year 1: 16 week Intensive (Weekly Meetings)
Phase 1: Introduction to OIH Program and Partners Cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset, understanding the psychological transition from military to civilian business environments, basics of business structures, and introduction to financial literacy including understanding profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.
Phase 2: The Business Model: Analysis and Analytics OIH Business Assessment: Owner’s Analysis and Analytics vs. Independent Analysis. Presentation of Results and Initial Outline for Transitioned Business Model.
Phase 3: Veteran Instruction on Business Analysis Establishing efficient business operations, inventory management, overview and business accounting systems set-up, payroll management, taxation basics, financial planning for business growth.
Phase 4: Community and Customer Engagement Building and Sustaining Customer and Community Relationships,Creating and Positioning a Brand, Brand identity, awareness strategies, digital promotion.
Phase 5: Business Plan Instruction and Development Brand and Marketing Instruction, and Development, Exit Strategy Planning, Finalize Business Plan.
Phase 6: Veteran and Business Owners Concept Review Concept Recap, Business Plan Presentation, Wealth Management Review.
Year 1: Week 17-52: Monthly Meetings: Transition of Ownership
Year 2: Year in Review: Wins and Losses Monthly Meetings: Milestone Review
Year 3: Year in Review: Wins and Losses Quarterly Meetings: Obstacles and Plans
Year 4: Year in Review: Wins and Losses Bi Annual Meetings: Obstacles and Plans Review Business Plan
Year 5-10 Year in Review: Wins and Losses Bi Annual Meetings: Obstacles and Plan Veteran Acquires Majority Ownership Succeeding Business Owner Search

Our Team

We are in the exciting process of building out our team of officers, supporting staff, board of directors and board of advisors.
The team will be courageous and evolve with intent; they will provide the diverse mix of experience, expertise and perspective we need to make an impact right from the start.

Patrick Flood

Green Beret Veteran

Joe Lerner


Robert Wilson

Advisory Services Director
Green Beret Veteran

Tiffini Steding

Partnerships Director

Heather Bohannon

Chief Development Officer
SOF Veteran Advocate


Jonathan Moerbe

Learning and Development Director

Andy Behrend

Development Director


Our board of directors boasts profound expertise in the realms of Veterans Affairs, Veteran Family Services, Entrepreneurship, and Financial Services.

Patrick Flood


Joe Lerner


Robert Wilson


Lauren Manley


Brandon Robbins


Jennifer Crisologo


Michael Durham


Board of Advisors

Our growing team of Advisors is comprised of Veterans, entrepreneurs, and experts in the Financial Services Industry.